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Niklas Vila Karpe

Born to a Spanish father and a Swedish mother Niklas Vila Karpe grew up in Mallorca in a truly international and eclectic household, which has shaped his career. After having studied Graphic and Fashion Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion he was snapped up by Levi’s gaining valuable insights into the world of contemporary casual wear, which has become the focus of his professional career.


In the past 18 years Niklas has been involved in design and development of casual and street wear collections focusing on brand strategy, design & development as well as management, building of critical paths, budgeting. Having worked for a vast array of companies, from global corporations such as Levi’s, Quiksilver, Timberland and Abercrombie & Fitch, to medium sized companies such as Allsaints and Firetrap to smaller companies such as N16 Vintage Ltd his career covers a broad spectrum of experiences. In addition he has consulted for brands, worked with start-ups.

He has a comprehensive understanding of art and creative direction, leading projects from idea conception through to completion, fashion and design management as well as brand strategy and development.

Niklas’ passion for attention to detail and quality has enabled him to carve out a successful career within the extremely fast-paced and competitive fashion industry, always following his personal philosophy “from the biggest picture to the tiniest detail”.

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